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Bringing together like-minded people and collaboratively empowering modern day change-makers is at the core of everything that ArtOfMore stands for.·

We believe that being surrounded by positive,·enthusiastic and inspiring people helps ordinary people to become more capable of overcoming difficult situations, regardless of the specific challenges and setbacks they face.·

Before founding ArtOfMore in 2001, Leon Goltsman had been debilitated by severe arthritis. For a while, he was on a downward spiral of depression and an unhealthy lifestyle, but realised he needed to take stock of his condition. He tried to find an appropriate support group, but was unsuccessful in finding one that met his needs. For that reason, he created his own group, and now – almost 15 years on – ArtOfMore helps more people than ever before.·

ArtOfMore is a collaboration of leaders, experts and professionals established to help other people to·achieve their objectives. By utilising, tapping into and sharing each other’s strengths, ArtOfMore·is a team in which more is achieved together than could be achieved alone.·

Working with ArtOfMore could mean the difference between achieving your personal goals or living an ‘average’, unsatisfying life. Our team is dedicated to helping people establish their own paths in life, and provides them with the assistance they need to get to where they want to go.·

If there’s a particular aspect of your life you’d like to change then you’ve come to the right place. We have several services available with flexible options to suit individual needs, and can put you in touch with the right movers and shakers to help you on your way. It doesn’t matter where you are based – we utilise all forms of communication including·Skype, live conferences, webinars and other customised programs.·

We have solutions for many problems. For example, if you need to promote your career, we can put you in contact with several recruitment agencies. If you’re a company, we can help you find and recruit the right staff or win lucrative contracts. We can fund and help kick-start business ventures, provide special training, consulting and mentoring so that you can focus on more of·what’s important to you.·

ArtOfMore is about helping people to live a more purposeful, enriched and fulfilling life by having the right people on your side. We are proud to be continuing to help·more individuals than ever before to achieve their life-long goals, become better equipped, more focused and gain greater control of their lives. ·


DiscoverIconDiscoverING the Right Service

ArtOfMore provides a vast range of specialised, multi-industry-based services in the areas of strategy, support and professional problem-solving to deliver the most suitable and member-focused solutions. Our customers need to know they are receiving the very best, most effective recommendations possible. For that reason we created a straightforward process to help you learn about each service we provide, so you can make better, more informed decisions and therefore yield the greatest benefits.

It all begins with a short, three-minute preliminary online assessment. First, you will identify your key areas of strengths, interests and expertise. Then you will evaluate your current circumstances and situations, and finally use these to identify your opportunities. This activity alone can be a real eye-opener and often serves as a catalyst to allow you to realise your personal goals and recognising the next steps of achieving them.




Melati de Haas - Regional Marketing & Business Development Manager at Servcorp

Leon was a speaker at a Sydney Business Shorts event I hosted this year and I found him to be such an inspiration. He had the audience hanging off every word! I would definitely have him speak again and also recommend him as a person you should know in general - he is open with his ideas and I have learnt a lot from him.

Jo Britton - Digital Marketing

Leon has been invaluable to my start up business as both advisor and friend. He not only designed an exciting, fresh and noticeable logo, he has also provided insightful ideas and input around my business and my life visions. He is always willing to help out and go the extra mile.

Sally Obermeder - TV Presenter at Channel Seven

Leon is such a people person who brings a lot of infectious enthusiasm and energy to the team, his strong customer service focus means that he goes that extra mile and is thoroughly committed to the job. I always found Leon a pleasure to deal with, fun to work with and would recommend him to anyone embarking on a new project.

Lana Hopkins - Founder & Fashion Director at Mon Purse

I would like to recommend Leon for being an exceptional mentor and motivator to me following my decision to take the leap out of the corporate world and into an entrepreneurial direction... Leon is one of the most approachable, open, generous and insightful mentors I have ever had. In particular, I would like to commend him for his tremendous effort in helping me identify a suitable marketing strategy, brainstorming creative ideas, connecting me with the right service providers, and other similar challenges we have faced with our fashion-forward smartphone & tablets accessories online business:

Robert Novotny - Manager Fundraising and Relationship Development at Uniting Care

Leon is a great support of Arthritis NSW, having arthritis himself, Leon has been an inspiration to many of our members, very enthusiastic, proactive and a do-er! When Leon sets his mind to something, he goes for it and it is something we all admire in Leon. Thank you Leon for raising the profile of Arthritis NSW and arthritis in general. You are truly an inspiration.

Isaac Chalik - Property & SMSF Finance Specialist

I have given Leon many projects over the years and his creativity is always amazing. Ideas and concepts that make me review my business each time and where it needs to go to stay ahead of the competition. Outstanding understanding of modern trends like social media. I highly recommend Leon for fresh ideas to market your business.

Sam Gutman - Business Development Manager MicroEQUITIES

I have given Leon many projects over the years and his creativity is always amazing. Ideas and concepts that make me review my business each time and where it needs to go to stay ahead of the competition. Outstanding understanding of modern trends like social media. I highly recommend Leon for fresh ideas to market your business.

Albert Kuris - Risk Management Stratagist at Prospaerum Financial Planning

Leon is a highly focused and goal oriented entrepreneur. He has over the course of many years been an inspiration, motivator and catalyst to me personally and commercially.

Jayne Leslie - Associate Director Behaviourial Change Specialist at Integrity and Values

Leon has surpassed what is common or usual. His achievements in the community and business are a mark of his exceptional character. Leon is armed with remarkable qualities setting him apart from most other business professionals I have met. A highly motivated, purposeful individual whose leadership qualities shine loud and strong. He a pleasure to engage with. He has a clear vision focus, is self-controlled in crisis -management situations and delivers innovative strategic solutions on time. Admirable: a team player to value.



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